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The New Forest wildlife park is a place that is well worth going to. It is the largest wildlife park in Britain boasting over one thousand animals of all different species. Watching and learning about these animals is an excellent experience. As well as seeing all these wonderful animals you can go and feed them too. The park has educational programs for kids to follow through which they will learn a lot about the animal kingdom and the ecosystem.

There are some great things to see at this park so if you are looking for somewhere new and exciting to visit you should definitely go to the New Forest Wildlife Park, This Is Hampshire (thisishampshire.co.uk). There are a wide range of animals at the New Forest Wildlife Park including Lions, Monkeys and Rhinos. There are a number of different shows and experiences you can choose from including feeding the giraffes, meeting the wolves or trying out their elephant experience which allows you to get closer than ever before to one of these majestic animals.

The New Forest Wildlife Park is set in the heart of The New Forest National Park. This wildlife park is unique as it strive to display animals in conditions that replicate their natural environment. To achieve this the different animal enclosures have been designed using habitat types from around the world. Most families love getting close to wildlife, and has a day out in the countryside is always a good idea, but it’s not only families that will enjoy the New Forest Wildlife Park.

Under The Sea

The unique ‘dark blue’ viewing tunnel under the main exhibit of the Blue Reef aquarium in Brighton is a stunning sight and will transport you into a world of ocean wonder. The creatures on show seem almost to come from another planet, most look like they have been designed for a sci-fi movie set rather than somewhere on this earthly ball. There are some truly extraordinary life forms that inhabit our oceans, and you can see them here in an ‘underwater’ experience like no other.

With a wealth of experience in the underwater field, Blue Reef Aquarium owner Graeme Esson knows that although people can't fly like birds or run as fast as cheetahs, we have been given other gifts that help us survive. Like one of the two echolocation abilities of dolphins or  mimic octopus camouflage. Below are the top five marine life creatures you can see at the Blue Reef Aquarium. I’ve been told that the Blue Reef Aquarium is a compact aquarium.

Compared to other aquariums, it could be said that it’s more of a “mini” version. I think people were expecting something like an actual “Under the sea” experience from their trip to the aquarium. Yet when they arrived I have heard grumblings about how slightly disappointing their visit was. The Blue Reef Aquarium opened in 2008 and it's the only aquarium in Europe with an entire floor dedicated to jelly fish. The centre piece of the aquarium is a huge tank which displays four giant king crabs, 16-18ft long.

All of the animals have been well chosen to represent the habitats that they originally come from. You might also be interested to learn that the blue reef aquarium has many different types of waters here, including the Mediterranean Sea, and the Arctic Ocean. You can walk through these areas with tanks on either side with amazing sea animals squirming in the water. Up next are highlights from the aquarium. This wildlife park will be an ideal destination for animal lovers of all ages.

Up In The Sky

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! For all things 'feathered'why not head over to Birdworld. Not your typical zoo at all but more of an open aviary enabling you to get up close and personal with mythical creatures waxed and feathered. Balancing the bizarre Birdworld is the Hawk Conservancy Trust where you can view birds of prey up close from falcons to owls in their unique housing and flight area. For something totally different try the Meerkats at Hamerton Zoo Park, it's meerkat mania.

With over 50 years experience the Hawk Conservancy Trust is one of the largest bird of prey breeding and rehabilitation centres in the world, there truly on offer is something for everyone. Just to name a few of the amazing birds on display you can get up close with include Egyptian vultures, eagles, owls and much more. New Forest Wildlife Park is a huge cat and dog rescue centre as well. It has plenty to keep the kids entertained, and for the more adventurous guests there are galloping horse rides, quad biking and trips to the beach.

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